Dark Celebrity Facts You Need to Know

Dark Celebrity Facts

Can you name the popular musician who collects celebrity hairs? Or maybe the celeb whose daughter was named after a rumour? Continue reading to discover a lot of dark celebrity facts.

According to Kesha, She Has Slept With a Ghost

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Keisha told Conan O’Brien in an interview that she had once been intimate with a ghost. The spirit who has no name started caressing her, then both of them started to have a “sexy time” together. She isn’t actually the only celeb who actually said they’ve been intimate with a ghost or spirit.

Harry Styles Has Four Nipples

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We all know Harry Styles from One Direction. In an interview, he told Chelsea Handler that he has two other nipples. This is actually a condition and it is called polythelia. According to Harry, “it’s a thing.”

Katy Perry Collects Hair from Celebrities

When it has to do with having a lot of weird hobbies, the celebrity most likely to win it is Katy Perry. The popular musician just told the world that she enjoys collecting hair from her fellow celebs. Particularly, Katy said that she’s got locks from Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Ashton Kutcher Has Webbed Toes

Webbed toe is a condition whose real name is syndactyly. On a 2008 British talk show, Ashton Kutcher revealed his connected digits. He said, “when everything else is this good-looking, something has to give.”

Rebel Wilson Started Acting Because Of A Hallucination

Even though a lot of actors are born with the wants of being in movies or on stage, catching malaria was what made Rebel Wilson realize she wants to act in movies. When Wilson went on a trip to South Africa, she says she had a hallucination that she won an Oscar, probably brought on due to the Malaria medications she was taking. After the hallucination, she decided to turn the experience into something she’ll pursue in real life.

Kim and Kanye Named their Daughter North After a Rumour

It was a suggestion by a random clever person that they name their child “North West,” not her parents. According to Kardashian, the name was a rumor while she was pregnant with her first child, but they didn’t think of using the name. They decided to use it after fellow celebs and friends such as Anna Wintour and Pharrell Williams said that they really liked it.

Kim said to GQ, “I guess at that point, it sort of stuck.”

James Lipton Worked As A Pimp In The 1950s

“I was going through my rites of passage, no question about it,” he said. “It was a great year of my life.”

You definitely read that rightly. James Lipton, who hosts “Inside the Actors Studio” made it known that he used to be a pimp in the ’50s when he used to live in Paris. He told Parade that after WWII, the time was different and that the pimps in Paris didn’t exploit sex workers but used to act just like agents.

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