Crazy Celebrity Facts

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“Celebrities are just like any other common men”, “they are just people”, “why do people think that they come from a different planet or something?”; these are some of the very common things that people say when it comes to famous personalities. It is true that these imminent individuals are nothing but mere human beings consisting of flesh and meat just like us. But what makes them so starkly different from us is that the extravagant forms of lifestyle they tend to live. There are very few celebrities go lead a humble living. Here are some Crazy Celebrity Facts.

Most of them have a lavish lifestyle. But some among them take one step forward and do the most outrageous things, just because they can. Here are some crazy facts about celebrities that one probably would not know.

Crazy Celebrity Facts

Crazy Celebrity Facts

1. Kim Kardashian: Crazy Celebrity Facts

Kim K is known to be super rich and saying that she lives an extravagant lifestyle is just touching the tip of the iceberg. The woman actually hires people to take the cardboard sleeve from her coffee, because apparently she “cringes from the sound”.

2. Nicolas Cage

If there’s somebody’s name that comes to mind whenever someone talks about spending on crazy things, it would be the Ghost Rider star, Nicolas Cage. He once went into a bidding war with Leonardo DiCaprio for a Mongolian dinosaur skull. Cage won the bid and bought the skull for $276,000! That has got to be the world’s costliest paper-weight.
Cage is also known for his extremely weird choice of pets. He once owned two king cobras and an octopus!

3. Bono: Crazy Celebrity Facts

Paul David Hewson or most commonly known as Bono is the lead singer of U2. He is known for his signature look with his hat on. Once, he forgot his hat to a concert in Italy. He flew his hat from London by a British Airway, and guess what? The hat got a first-class seat.

4. Paris Hilton

The famous American socialite obviously lives a lavish life. But she makes sure that her dog gets the same treatment. So she has built a mini-mansion with chandeliers for her dog.

5. Ludacris: Crazy Celebrity Facts

The rapper is surely considerate and makes sure that when he goes to watch a movie with his family, no one should get disturbed by his crying baby. How do you think he manages to do that? Well, he just rents out the entire theatre for his folks.

6. Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon

The famous couple is a pair of happy parents who extend their rich lifestyle to their kids. Seems like there are not many restrictions in the household. Their twins have a room that contains every candy that they could possibly crave for.

7. Mike Tyson: Crazy Celebrity Facts

Last but not least comes the former boxer, Mike Tyson. He owned a solid gold bathtub which was installed in his mansion Ohio. It consisted of 24 karat gold and he bought it for $2.2 million!

Crazy Celebrity Facts

Crazy Celebrity Facts

Maybe such spending makes celebrities look like they are from out of this world. I mean, who cares about world hunger, poverty, and climate change, right? As long as they get to live their life to the fullest, it’s all good.

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