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chinese celebrities news

Chinese celebrities are known all over the world for their style and the way they portray themselves. There are some things that are always happening in the news that are related to Chinese celebrities. You must know the latest updates happening in China if you like to stay in touch with the celebrities there. If you are looking to read some Chinese Celebrities news then you have come to the right platform. We have the latest Chinese Celebrities news that will help you know what is going on and all the latest developments. 


Chinese Celebrities

China is planning to put an end to the chaotic fan culture that is taking place in the country. They are planning to control the misbehaviour of the celebrities and get them in line with the rules of the country. In the recent news, there was a story in which a Chinese celebrity was arrested on the charges of rape and misbehaviour. Although the celebrity denied the news and said that all these allegations are false. But the government feels that these things are on a rise so they want to put an end to this culture. They are planning to increase the regulation on arts and entertainment so that these instances can be controlled and celebrities learn to stay within their limits. The government also feels that celebrities are getting vulgar and they need to be controlled so that they do not promote this behaviour. 

Nicholas Tse  

Chinese Celebrities

Nicholas Tse, one of the famous celebrities in Hong Kong has decided to give up his Canadian citizenship. This is because he feels that people in mainland China might think that this citizenship is unpatriotic. Nicholas is famous for his role in the movie Raging Fire and he is now in the process of giving up his Canadian citizenship so that he can remain in the good books of people. He said that it was his responsibility to take Chinese culture to the whole world and he can do that without having his Canadian citizenship. 


China’s app Weibo has suspended more than 21 K-Pop accounts on the platform. This comes after the orders of the government regarding a crackdown on the entertainment industry. The app says that they have done so as the accounts promoted irrational star chasing behaviour and this was not permissible in the country. 


This is all you need to know about Chinese celebrities news and if you like to stay updated then you must read these. China is a heavily censored country where people do not have the free will to do anything that they want. In the coming years, the government will put more restrictions on the celebrity culture in the country which is something that the world will see.

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