Celebrity Worshippers


Celebrity worshipping is a common factor when it comes to the world of films, media, and entertainment. Some people reach the point of obsession where they are not able to control their urge to do something out of the way for their favorite celebrities. These behavioral traits are not very healthy and are concerning for psychics and psychologists worldwide. Well, the symptoms of this issue are unusual to study as they affect the body too. Appetite loss, adrenaline rush, and short-temper are common symptoms of this obsessive disorder. This cannot accurately be termed as a “disorder” but is close to being one.

Celebrity Worshippers And Their Emergence

Celebrity culture started after the steady emergence of Hollywood in the 90s. Appreciators later called as “fans” flocked from all sides for show premieres where casts and lead actors joined in for the screenings. Later on, this craze for celebs started increasing rampantly. This was not only restricted to films but literature, art and education as well.

The following icons became a hobby for a majority of people across the globe, and they made sure to take out some time from their day to learn more about their celebrity. This practice is healthy if you see it in a general way. However, the critical aspect emerges when this following transforms into an obsession. When you compromise your daily schedule to follow your celebrity or idol, you tend to become addicted or obsessive towards that person. This can be harmful in many ways.

Celebrity Worshippers And Their Significance
Celebrity Worshippers And Their Significance

You may become so obsessed to meet your celebrity that a criminal offense or perjury is also on the table. There are numerous cases across the globe where fans committed crimes to get the attention of their celebrities. This is not very welcome in the eyes of liberal citizens; however, Such activities separate followers and fans from “obsessive fanatics.”

French and Italian neo-realism films always depicted fans as a necessary tool for promoting cinema across the country. However, the side-effects of manhood became evident after Hollywood gained massive publicity. A booming industry containing actors, directors, and crews will catch public attention. But, the inflated rate at which this happened in the 90s was concerning.

The Psychosocial Factors In-Play

Psychosocial factors come into play whenever we talk about obsession with celebrities or idols alike. Idealism does not talk about a single person or individual. It can be towards a scripture, political ideology, or religion. The term “hardcore” develops from this behavioral analysis itself. People who resort to the ultimate means to follow a particular religion or political ideology are hardcore by nature. This is also an example of fanaticism.

Celebrity Worshippers And Their Significance
Celebrity Worshippers And Their Significance

Where fanaticism is involved, there is not a question of rationality. Therefore, a more significant point of concern arises where this obsession is present. Rationality is necessary; otherwise, humans will give in to violent urges, which can lead to criminal intent. Psychologists and teachers should discuss these issues during personality development classes in schools and colleges to teach cognitive thinking.