Celebrity Trivia Facts To Entertain You

celebrity trivia facts

It can be an entertaining activity to know about all the celebrities you check out on television every day. But did you know that numerous celebrity trivia facts will surprise you and even feel crazy? It is quite a trustworthy saying that truth is stranger than fiction, and it is high time that you started exploring it. Today, we will talk about some of these celebrity facts that seem unbelievable but actually true. You know most of the celebrities and the information that you are going to get is entirely bizarre. 

Kesha Slept With A Ghost

Kesha holding a sign posing for the camera

This might be very weird to sound, but in an interview with Conan O’Brien, she claimed she had an intimacy with the ghost. She also said that they had a very sensual time together, and it was a weird sensation to have a romantic encounter with something paranormal. Whether or not it is true is unknown, but the claim is quite strong and has been put forward by other celebrities.

Harry Styles – Nipple Story

Harry Styles standing next to a body of water

Did you know that Harry Styles has claimed that he had four nipples? In an interview with Chelsea handler, The One direction singer has confirmed that he had an abnormal condition known as polythelia, and it is a thing. It might seem attractive to some of you, but it is an actual condition that some people have experienced. 

Katy Perry

Most people have a lot of interesting hobbies, but this one takes the crown. Did you know that Katy Perry has the hobby of collecting celebrity hair and has been able to reveal it recently? She said that she has been able to get the logs from Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, and no one seems to have a negative opinion about it. 

Ashton Kutcher

Most of the girls have a crush on this celebrity, but hardly anyone knows that he has a condition called syndactyly. It is the condition in which an individual has webbed toes like a frog. In the British talk show of 2008, the actor showed off his feet and said that even though he is good-looking in every other aspect, this is the deficiency that he has been suffering from. 

Paris Hilton And The Dog Mansion

This celebrity is a very well-known dog lover, and it is pretty interesting to know that she has built her dog’s 300 square foot mansion. It has all the intricate details and has air conditioning and heating techniques. Apart from that it also has designer furniture as well as pink colored walls. Since the dogs want to spend some time outside, this mansion also has an enclosed yard and a balcony. 


Now that you have an accurate idea about the celebrity facts, you should also explore some interesting things about Rebel Wilson and Tom Hanks. The more you read, the more you would want to explore. You can also read about Leslie Mann, Matthew Broderick, and not to forget, Oprah Winfrey.

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