Celebrity Baby Names – How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Son or Daughter

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replaces the default celebrity name list in X-Com: EW – Impossible Ironman with a celebrity name list generator. I have finally added the Celebrity Name List function to XCOM: EW – Impossible Ironman. “The names in this database are fictitious, “EEZ”, but they will give you an idea of the variety of character names you’re likely to see in the game. If there were an official celebrity name list, I would have used that, but I don’t. I’m saving that for when I get a beta version of the game.

The Celebrity Name list

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The celebrity name list includes all of your favorite actors and actresses as well as singers, writers, musicians, sportscasters, and movie stars. If you’re playing the American Beta version of the game, you get to name your own mother, father, son, and daughter. You can even select different initialisms for your child’s name. For example, if you wanted your daughter to go by Taylor Swift, you could type “Taylor” instead of typing “Tay.”

For those of you who played the PC version of X-Com: UF Defense, I included a celebrity name list in that game as well. The UF Defense celebrity name list included only the names of my favorite actors from that game. I’m sure those actors are very happy with their names now.

For those of you who played the UK version of X-Com: UF Defense, my celebrity name list was a little bit different. The names were much more similar to those of my childhood heroes, namely my very dearest dad, my two uncles, my aunt, and my cousin. I got to choose a name for my son, too. There weren’t as many options on my British PC, so choosing the right one was a little bit tougher.

With this, my celebrity voice changer experience was complete. My son didn’t have to hear me drone on about his cute little cousin. He heard just enough to know that I was glad he was old enough to appreciate his existence. He also heard enough to realize I was being kind.

My daughter also gets to hear her parents’ names. She gets to know what their kids do and how they’re related. Of course, she gets to hear her own name. If she ever wants to play her own version of mom or dad, it would be nice to give her a name she can call her own.

As far as names go, my daughter definitely likes Arabic. Not just her own name, but all her namesakes. She is hoping to meet an interesting man named Abu, who is an artist. (That’s a joke. There really isn’t a man with an Arabic name.)

Vedant Sounding Names

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In all, our experience is that vedant sounding names are best when used in children’s shows and books. You’ll find that there are many vedant sounding combinations out there, and they can be quite beautiful. If you haven’t started thinking of using these unique celebrity baby names for your child, why not start today? She’ll be glad you did.

For example, one combination my wife and I have tried is spelled Vedant-Video, which means Gift of the Gods. If you spell it that way, she could be ava, ved, orva, which both mean “gift”. That combination is so pretty and sweet, that we thought it was just perfect for our daughter.

Another celebrity name that would be sweet for a little girl is Khayyam, which means glory. Our daughter thought it was sweet and wonderful when she first heard it, and I think she might keep that name for the rest of her life. A little boy might also like Khayyam, but not as much as our daughter thought. So I suggested that she try something different, and I’m glad she did.

If you’re thinking of using a celebrity baby name for your unborn son, consider who the most famous actors are right now. Whichever celebrity baby name you choose, make sure you spell it correctly. If you don’t know how to, just ask someone at your local Laundromat. Most local laundromats have a spell checker. And even if you do, remember that actors do have a unique way of spelling their names sometimes!

Our daughter’s name is Khaleel, which means grace. She is only four months old, but already people are asking her name, calling her, and giving her presents. She really loves all of this and has told all of our friends. So when you’re choosing celebrity baby names for your unborn child, keep the names as sweet and simple as possible. You’ll be glad you did, and so will she!

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