Celebrities in the News – Could There Be a Symbolical Twist

celebrities in the news

Tom Hanks and Gene Wilder in “The Perfect Score” are two of the few celebrities with a perfect public image. In one scene from the movie, Hanks’s character is sitting on the couch in front of Wilder’s character, thinking about how to get the girl. He’s torn between committing suicide and helping Wilder win his heart. The scenes between the two characters are comical, yet a little disturbing because they show the lengths some people will go to just have their way. That type of media representation seems to be all too common in Hollywood right now. If only more of Hollywood’s actors would understand that acting and actresses don’t really know how to get ahead beyond the confines of the entertainment industry.

An Overview

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Instead, they sit on their fame, dreaming about their futures, and hoping that things will somehow magically improve for them once the cameras stop rolling. It’s an unrealistic dream, but it’s also not altogether unreasonable. After all, most celebrities in the news today are aging, which means their bank accounts start to dwindle. With so many multi-million dollar contracts, it can be hard to imagine the money will start rolling in for them again anytime soon.

One of the more refreshing stars in the news recently has been Pinkett Smith, who plays the titular character in “The Perfect Score.” Smith’s character is the daughter of late singer Freddie Mercury. She goes into a concert near the end of the song, toting a satchel that contains some rather interesting items. The items are well worth checking out, but what really caught our attention was Pinkett Smith’s expression of shock when she noticed her father lying on the floor of the audience!

This prompts Pinkett Smith to set forth an interesting line of questioning for the judge, which is displayed on YouTube. One of the questions she asks is whether or not her father was indeed “lying on the floor?” The answer is that he wasn’t. Pinkett Smith then uses this information as a point of discussion with the judge, who has the following to offer: “I am going to have to ask the witness if she knows what the answer to the question is. She is a crossword dictionary girl.”

Top News About Celebrities

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Okay, but how did the answer get another answer? Well, first Pinkett Smith clarifies that she is not a crossword dictionary girl and that she is actually a person who is fluent in French. She then explains that her father often took her and other siblings on family vacations, and that he would always bring with him the phrase book that translates into “la vie est un homme.” It is this phrase that Pinkett uses as her proof that her father was indeed lying on the floor of the audience in the concert! In a sense, this proves that the answer Pinkett provides is both true and false, but in a different way.

To explain, recall that the answer Pinkett gives is in both the literal and figurative senses. In the literal sense, Pinkett is stating that her father did indeed leave the campsite with a crossword dictionary. In the figurative sense, she is stating that her father did indeed tell her he was going to the beach. So when Pinkett says “he told me he was going to the beach,” it is not a lie (since she is lying), but in truth, her father did tell her that he was going to the beach.

Find Some Clues

The next clue that Pinkett finds in the Crossword dictionary is the clue called “uneven horoscope.” This clue corresponds to a real life event, so that makes it true. Pinkett’s father did indeed leave the campsite with a Crossword puzzle, and he did enter the beach by carrying the “uneven horoscope.” The real mystery here is how did Pinkett manage to solve the puzzle without consulting the occult or any other outside means? This leads her to believe that maybe her dad has some sort of link to the occult – a link that she herself does not know about.


Finally, another celebrity gossip story from the celebrity gossip pages features Tom Cruise. This time, however, Mr. Cruise is the star of the tabloids, rather than the victim of an ugly incident. Mr. Cruise was in a car accident in California, and he was treated for his wounds at a hospital, but because the insurance companies are paying for it, Mr. Cruise will most likely be staying at a Los Angeles clinic for the rest of his life, unless he decides to sue the company.

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