Cannes Film Festival: Some Interesting Facts About It



The Film Festival of The Cannes is one of the most renowned International Film Festival that takes place in Cannes, in France. It is the annual film festival that shows new films and other documentaries all around the planet.

Some Interesting Facts About Cannes Film Festivals
Cannes Film Festival: Some Interesting Facts About It

The proposal came from a historian Phillippe Erlanger along with the collaboration of the British and Americans. On this proposal, the National Minister of France, Jean Zay, first sow the seed of The Cannes Film Festivals.
Cannes Film Festivals History on 20th September 1946 first Cannes International Film Festivals was staged. Twenty-one countries presented their films. This film festival was held in the Casino of Cannes. With time, during the 1950s, it started attracting the attention of the reports and the tourists. During 1972s Robert Favre Le Bret became the new president of this Festival along with Maurice Bessy as a General Delegate. In the late 2000s, The Festival started concentrating on the advancement in the technologies.

Some Interesting Features of The Cannes Film Festival

1. One of the essential facts of the Cannes Film Festivals is attracting a massive number of fans. The presence of the glamorous world gives this Festival an elite prestige and has become a luxurious destination not only for the filmmakers but also who love movies. Many charismatic and top-rated film stars participate in this globally renowned Festival.

2. The selection of films is essential in the Cannes Film Festivals. The officials mainly highlight the cinematic diversity, and it should have its own distinct identity. Mostly we can find films of historical importance, movies that are out of the competition are featured in this Festival. These selections are very authentic, and we can see a proper balance of love as well as the importance of typography and creativity.

3. Short films are also featuring in this competition. After staging the film, the Jury award group with a Palme d’ or. There is also a corner where meeting and interacting sessions take place, and people can exchange their ideas and thoughts. Recently “Cannes Court Métrage,” a short film was featured in the year 2010.

4. The festival takes immense initiative inventing new talents across the globe. They travel the entire world to dig out the most promising directors. The Selection Committee does this crucial task. For instance, in the year 2018, more than half of the filmmakers they selected had no prior official experience. They are freshly new and promising. With the time The Cannes also opened more paths for these debutant filmmakers. They arrange an award Camera d’ ‘ or for the one who will present the best short film at the Festival.

Cannes Film Festival: The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet is the center of all attraction. It is the pioneer of the Cannes Film Festival to welcome the world’s greatest film celebrities and also the emerging new talents. It also represents as a token of respect and an honor to these artists who are the central pillars of this Cannes Film Festival.

Some Interesting Facts About Cannes Film Festivals
Cannes Film Festival: Some Interesting Facts About It


In the history of European films, The Cannes occupies a prestigious position. It not only helps in the European economy but also it represents the ‘country’s love for art in cinemas. They have a massive media exposure, a great platform for the renowned beauties to explore, a promising stage for the new talents to flourish. The most precious award at the Cannes Film Festival is Palme d’ ‘or. This award is for the best film. Along with this, there are Best Actor, Actress, Best Director Awards also. For the selection of these awards, the Jury Team accumulates in the historical place called Villa Domergue.