Cannes Film Festival Of Entertainment Industry

Cannes Film Festival Of Entertainment Industry

Cannes film festival is the new name of the International Film Festival. Its name was changed in 2002. The new name of this festival is identical to the venue city. Hence this festival held annually in Cannes, France. Thus this is a festival of the international entertainment industry. Although this festival award is there for all type of films under every genre and documentaries. Hence It was founded on 20 September 1946, which is about 72 years back.

This festival or award ceremony held for almost a week. This grabs the attention of many tourist and reporters.

Juries Of The Film Festival

Since this is the international film festival or award ceremony there is a board or jury of selectors. To have a clean and unbiased selection of the winner for every award there are roles which jury members have to play. Hence there all jury members decide which film will receive the Cannes award under every category. Some of the responsibility of juries for this festival are here for you.

Cannes Film Festival Of Entertainment Industry
Cannes Film Festival Of Entertainment Industry

Though these jury members have to take an honest and unbiased decision. These are also somehow related to the industry.

Feature Films Jury

Cinefondation and Short Film

 Certain Regard

Camera d’Or

Awards Represented On Film Festival

Since this is the most prestigious film festival it has a long list of an award. Therefore there are many awards which are represented in the Film Festival. Hence the most prestigious award of given at Cannes Film Festival is Palme d’Or award a French name while its English name is Golden Award.

Other awards given at Cannes Film Festival are listed here for you.

Gran Prix- Grand Prize Of Festival

Prix du Jury – Jury Price

Palme d’Or du court metrage – Best Short Film Award

Prix d’interpretation feminine – Best Actress

Palme d’interpretationmaculine – Best Actor

Prix de la mise en scene – Best Director

Prix du scenario – Best Screenplay

Though these were the main attention of the award ceremony. While there are more awards which are given in the international film festival. Other awards given in this international film festival are

Prix Un Certain Regard – Young talent, innovation, and audacious works

Cine Foundation Prizes – Student Films

Camera d’Or – it is for the best debut film. This is a prestigious award for thaw newcomers of the industry.

Importance Of Cannes Film Festival

Though all the award ceremony either national or Integration both ate important for every actor, actress, director or any other person who is related to the industry. Since the Cannes Film Festival is rewarded as the most prestigious or valuable film festival which so held annually. Hence it is very important to grab the award at this festival.

Cannes Film Festival Of Entertainment Industry
Cannes Film Festival Of Entertainment Industry

Although it is not easy to grab award in this festival as there are many panels to which a nominee infer every category has to go through. After passing all the difficulties of selecting panes a nominal is awarded. Hence this gives a fair chance of participation to everyone. Hence the winner of the award so always a worth creation or person.

This is some information about the Cannes Film Festival for you.

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