All Time Best Movies Of Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is one such actress who had an enigmatic career. She has done several renowned movies with well-versed characters. If you check Diaz’s filmography, you will feel fascinated because she has portrayed some of the best characters that people will remember for a long time. Regardless of Cameron Diaz coming into the movies, there are some of her roles which can be cherished. Here are some of the best roles portrayed by Cameron Diaz since the debut of her career.

The Holiday

Nance Mayers’ one of the best traits is to give a warm feeling for the audience at the end of each film. Her 2006 released Holiday isn’t an exception for that. This beautiful movie will leave viewers with a warm and happy feeling. Two heartbroken yet strong women wanted to get a break from their everyday life crisis. Hence they try to search for the alternatives and find each other online. Both of them exchange their houses for, but the catch here is one of them lives in LA while other is in London.

Both Cameron and Kate have portrayed the roles pretty perfectly.

There Is Something About Mary

This movie can be considered as one of the best portrayals of Cameron Diaz. This live action performance of Cameron Diaz will leave the audience in awe. She turned on her charm, and this character of Cameron is going to stay with the audience for an even longer time.

All Time Best Movies Of Cameron Diaz
All Time Best Movies Of Cameron Diaz

The Mask

Costarring beside Jim Carrey is not an easy thing. Every movie made in the 90s was concentrated on Jim Carrey only, but Cameron indeed made a difference. She has portrayed her role in the movie so perfectly that she stood out and the audience recognized her character in the movie despite having Jim Carrey besides. These two will remain the icons of the 90s till today.

In Her Shoes

This is a simple movie revolving around two quirky and highly different sisters. Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette have delivered one of the finest performances in their career with this movie. The movie is simple yet effective show how good a sister-sister relationship can be. The movie has its flaws due to the run time and all, but one cannot ignore Cameron’s performance in this movie.

Bad Teacher

This is a movie where one can witness Cameron’s standing outperformance. This comic film has everything which made it one of the noteworthy performances of Cameron’s career. While the movie didn’t do so good in the theaters, it was something that you can watch just to relax. If you are a Diaz’s fan, then do not let this movie go.

All Time Best Movies Of Cameron Diaz
All Time Best Movies Of Cameron Diaz

Gangs Of New York

It is a dream for most of the actors to work with Martin Scorses, and Diaz was lucky to do such a good role in the film. Acting alongside Leonardo Dicaprio under the direction of Martin Scorses is a dream come true, and Cameron Diaz has utilized this opportunity perfectly. She outshined in her character.