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When it comes to Japan celebrities news, the country’s top stars are newsworthy. Take the upcoming New Year for example. No one is expecting New Year’s in Japan like a snowstorm in the West and the number of visitors who cram the big event into their schedules is still in the millions. In short, Japan is a year-round hot spot for news, and that news often revolves around the country’s biggest stars.

Let’s take, for example, Koichi Yamane. The 33-year-old actor has been a constant media presence in the English speaking world since he was a toddler and began playing martial arts characters in movies. Like many Japanese, he grew up studying martial arts and became a highly sought-out actor and martial arts actor. He has appeared in more than one Hollywood film and continues to be seen in various capacities, both on and off the screen.

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Masayuki Takahashi was another Japanese star known to English speakers in his younger days. This talented performer has appeared in a great number of Japanese films and is well-known to Japanese audiences. Most people do not know he even comes from Japan. He was a popular child actor before turning professional and even appeared in the animated series “The Idol”. It was here he earned the first of his two Academy Award nominations.

Yuichiro Nagashima is another actor with multiple appearances in Hollywood. This time he has been cast as a leading character in a live action film, adapting the Japanese manga of the same name. A live-action samurai movie? How odd.

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Keanu Reeves also hails from the land down under. Though he is no longer in his twenties, he is already a Hollywood favorite thanks to the role he recently played in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Replacements. The film itself was odd for the most part, dealing with reincarnation and man versus nature. However, it was the performances that truly won him over. Some even called the film the best of the summer.

Finally, we have Japanese celebrities whose influence we all know. Like the ones we have just mentioned, the country’s top stars have all been awarded an Academy Award. The most recent was Shinichi Suzuki, the well-known Japanese musician who has created an entire genre of music.

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One other group of actors who may not even be aware of just how popular they are in their own country are the Japanese animation characters. Anime is one of the most popular and longest running anime fad in the country. Japanese celebrities even have their own versions of anime characters such as: Naruto, Evangelion, Bleach, and Lucky Star.

With all the current trends in Hollywood, it makes sense that many people would keep up with what is going on in Japan. There are many ways to do this. Some people watch Japanese television, read some of the latest news online, or follow celebrities in their own country. Whatever the method, keeping abreast of the latest Hollywood gossip is something that everyone can enjoy.

One thing that everyone can do is check out a couple of the Japanese celebrities news websites. These websites usually provide a lot of information about movie stars, singers, and other celebrities that we hear so often on the news. One site, called Kyodo News, actually includes a photo gallery that shows off many of the actors and actresses that Kyodo features. Another website, Japanserbak, has featured articles written by professional historians about Japanese culture. Both of these sites are truly worth checking out if only because they help to educate the millions of people who regularly peruse these sites for information.

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Of course, another way to stay up to date on the latest news about celebrities in Japan is by subscribing to a newsreader like the Jiji news reader. This particular news reader allows anyone to log in and customize their feed with any number of top Japanese business magazines and other sources. In addition to being able to customize their feed, the user can also quickly find the most popular stories, local news, and even other types of content. The convenience is immeasurable and the flexibility of this particular news reader is amazing.

No matter what one’s personal tastes are, it can be very interesting to read about new developments in Hollywood. The same holds true for those who enjoy Japanese celebrity news. By simply subscribing to a newsreader that features Japanese media, a person can gain access to stories and information on the lives and works of many of today’s most well-known Japanese actors and actresses. This newsfeed is constantly updated, so even when you aren’t online, you will always have current information about who is currently making the big moves in the country.


For anyone interested in Japanese celebrities news, it really pays to be a savvy consumer. Take the time to review the websites that you regularly subscribe to and make sure that they offer quality content. Also, don’t be afraid to make the occasional personal inquiry about the information that you receive. While there are some companies that will take advantage of those who are eager to learn more about their favorite stars, many will actually have an actual person on staff that can answer any questions. By maintaining a dialogue with your newsreader, you can stay on top of all the important events taking place in Japan.

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