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Nigerians, especially women have always wondered what all the fuss about Nigerian celebrities is. Why do we care what they do behind our backs? Well if you ask me it’s because I’m a woman too! I am not surprised anymore that many women in our society are looking to be like their favorite African stars. With all the money and beauty that these people have there is no reason why they shouldn’t be enjoying themselves and making good money doing it.

So, what are some of the latest Nigerian celebrity news stories that you are probably reading and hearing about? Well there are many but I am going to name some of them in this article. The first one is a real big one that has been making the gossip rounds. It’s that of Nigerian singer Usher. He has been married to multiple women over the years and his ex-wife is willing to make him make up for any previous mistakes. This is certainly not good news for many Nigerians who are wishing that Usher had stayed true to his word and didn’t try to cheat on his wife with other women.

Amini Joseph

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Another celebrity gossip in Nigeria is that of entertainer Amini Joseph. She recently came out with an autobiography where she talks about her past problems with addiction and how she came out clean and sober to get back into the entertainment scene. Amini is a very popular entertainer and one of the best known Nigerian celebrity gossip in the country today.

Last but not least is Nigerian fashion designer Momoa Ellahers. She has been criticized by some for her trendy designs and her choice of clothing. She is under fire, however, because she is yet to release her first music album since her marriage to fellow musician Usher. Usher has yet to comment on this matter. This is yet another celebrity gossip in Nigeria that is creating quite a stir amongst the people.

Killer Bee

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It should be noted that all the gossip in the African continent about the latest Nigerian celebrity gossip has social relevance to it. A lot of these stories give us insight as to how ordinary people in Lagos live their lives. The wealth, glamour of the modern world is something that is talked about in Nigeria. Usher’s admission that he has had multiple affairs with other women in the past is definitely going to bring more controversy and scandal into the public’s eye. The gossip in Nigeria is truly something that is happening right now.

The most recent gossip in Nigeria has to do with the new movie called “Killer Bee”. The movie revolves around an autistic and bipolar serial killer who preys on women. The news reports have it that Reese Witherspoon’s character is based on a real person. This is certainly not the first time a fictional character has been based on an actual person and is used as a source of inspiration for a current movie. Some people may find this inappropriate but it is the latest trend in African and Asian American celebrity gossip.

Oprah Winfrey

There is a lot of talk going on about some of the most popular and influential African American celebrities in the United States right now. Oprah Winfrey is perhaps the most famous African American celebrity gossip in the United States. 

Winfrey was recently seen at a restaurant in Manhattan. The actress was being choked by her ex-boyfriend. However, the restaurant owner told the New York Daily News that Winfrey was simply choked by food. Many people have taken to Twitter to express their opinions regarding the incident.


There is no question that the African American community is very interested in current events and the latest celebrity gossip. These gossip stories give the black community something to focus on and discuss with other people. Some people may even take it far enough to try to make a social comment through the African American gossip news stories.

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