5 Funny Celebrity Facts You Will Not Believe They Are True

funny celebrity facts

How many things do you know about your favorite celebrity? Many people don’t know so much about celebrities, mostly some strange, funniest and craziest things. If we talk about knowing celebrities, they all know about their birthplace, name, favorite food, and many more but don’t know their secret. These secrets are stranger than fiction. If you are one of them who don’t know much about your favorite celebrity, then here you will read some funny celebrity facts.

Paris Hilton Makes A Dog Mansion In Her Backyard

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Famed Chihuahua lever Paris Hilton made a 300 square foot mansion for her dog in her backyard. She not only installs heating and air conditioning but also keeps all designer furniture, a chandelier, and pink colored walls. Along with them, the dog mansion is a two-story building that has an enclosed yard and balcony. If her dog wants to spend some time outside, then they can sit in the balcony and yard.

Leslie Mann Is A Talented Unicyclist

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Many people think that riding a unicycle is only for a clown, and if you are one of them, then you may be surprised that actress Leslie Mann is a very talented unicyclist. She knows all types of tricks such as jumping off curbs, cycling backyard, and many more. It is another funny celebrity fact that many people do not know.

Justin Timberlake’s Mom Was A Guardian Of Ryan Gosling

In the childhood of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake, they did not perform together anywhere like the Mickey Mouse club, but they lived together and shared a bathroom. The mom of Timberlake became legal guardian of gosling for approx six months after gosling’s mother had to return to Canada for her important work.

Nicole Kidman Is Afraid Of Butterflies

We all know that butterflies look so beautiful, and almost all people love them, but Nicole Kidman does not care for them. Afraid of butterflies is another funny celebrity fact that may be a secret of Nicole Kidman. She said- she cannot shake a phobia of butterflies that she has from her childhood. She cannot touch butterflies.

Jennifer Lawrence Makes A Tattoo That Reminds Her To Drink Water.

Staying hydrated is important for everyone, but it is the very craziest thing to make a tattoo that reminds you to drink water. It is strange, but actress Jennifer Lawrence gets a tattoo of H2O on the backside of her right hand. This tattoo reminds her of drinking water, and it is a most un-rebellious tattoo.

Tom Cruise Divorced All Of His Wives When They Were 33

Do you know what Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, and Katie Holmes all have in common? They were all 33 years old when Tom Cruise ended his marriage to them. It is a coincidence and a very strange thing that very few people notice. However, some people make a conspiracy theory over it.

There are some funny celebrity facts that many people are not aware of. Maybe you also read about your favorite celebrity for the first time.

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