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Celebrities are celebrities because of how much people love them. Their popularity is something that they use to gain views on everything they do. Sometimes, they do not even want the same, but that attention comes to them anyway. Hence, any new movies they make or the songs they release become famous quite fast. Many a time, an actor may make a debut for a singing career, and due to their acting popularity, they gain that same audience as their listeners. Similarly, many celebrities go ahead and write books.

5 Celebrities Who Showed Us They Can Write
5 Celebrities Who Showed Us They Can Write

They may not have much to say about anything outside their field of work, so they may not be storybooks or novels. However, many celebrities come out with self-written autobiographies (meaning that they are not ghost-written, but the stars write it themselves).

Celebrities Who Have Proved That They Can Write

Here is a list of the stars that really can write, with their publications and the psyche behind them.

Write: “The Meanings Of The Selfie” By James Franco, 2013

James Franco wrote this article, which was published in the December 2013 edition of The New York Times. He faced a lot of criticism in the months before writing this article, about the selfies he had taken and posted on his social media handles. In his article, Franco explains the concept of a selfie in a way to highlight things more essential things in life. He wrote about how he believes selfies to be quite the attention-seeking activity.

“Confessions Of A Juggler” By Tina Fey, 2011

Tina Fey is a famous name in Hollywood because she is an actual comedy writer. She is known for her works writing Mean Girls and several years’ worth of episodes of Saturday Night Live. Less known of her works is her autobiography, Bossypants. Aside from these accomplishments, Fey had the article mentioned earlier published in The New Yorker in February 2011 about “juggling” life as a working mother.

5 Celebrities Who Showed Us They Can Write
5 Celebrities Who Showed Us They Can Write

“My Medical Choice” & “Diary Of A Surgery” By Angelina Jolie, 2013 And 2015

Both of Jolie’s articles were published in The New York Times, the former in May 2013, and the latter in March 2015. Angelina Jolie went through a few surgeries in the time preceding her first article in the year 2013. She went through a double mastectomy, and she also had her fallopian tubes and ovaries removed. Jolie wrote two articles about the procedures that her body underwent. In the two separate pieces, she accentuated to her readers to always make the right decisions regarding one’s own body. Your medical decisions are your personal choices, and you should always keep your best interests in mind.

“Why does J-Law Make Less Money Than Her Male Co-Stars?” An Article From 2015

Jennifer Lawrence is known as one of the most uninhibited celebrities in Hollywood, what with her free spirit, candidness, and blunt way of speaking. In a piece published in Lenny Letter in October 2015, Lawrence blatantly wrote about the gender wage gap and put her points very thoroughly across. She explained the reality of the situation using examples from her own life and career, making the piece starkly real to read.

“The Death of my Father” by Steve Martin, 2002

Steve Martin was known as a funny man in the Hollywood scene. A common misconception that people often have about celebrities is that it must be so easy for them with the fame and riches that they need not feel sad or upset. However, this indeed doesn’t seem right. Someone who made his career in comedy film and television, Steve Martin, showed the world his other side after his father passed away. He wrote an article for The New Yorker that chronicled the loss of his father and how he coped with it. It was an incredibly heartfelt, touching piece that would bring anyone to shed a tear.

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