3 Interesting Dirty Gossips About Celebrities

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People like to follow their idols and celebrities. Many are very fascinated by the latest news, rumors, or any gossip. Some people can go any far for entertainment. There are always dark secrets hidden in every industry. However, numerous stories are not a reality. Several people cook up gossip for fame and money. On the other hand, few rumors turn out true. If you are someone who enjoys reading such talks then the below are interesting gossip that you should try. 

Alex Rodriguez And Cheating Scandal

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Recently rumors about Alex Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy surfaced over the internet. Although the claims were later denied by both of them. The new reports say that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are still in a loving relationship. The cheating scandal story was found false. The rumor did not have any effect on the couple. Lopez told the media that they both are devoted. They are happy and trust each other. Also, the couple is busy in their careers and she has never even met this other woman. Some stories even claim that Jennifer Lopez is forcing her husband to attend therapy sessions. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s and Camilla Parker Bowles’s Relationship

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Although Camilla married Prince Charles in 2015. But there are speculations about bad blood between Queen Elizabeth II’s and Camilla Parker Bowles. Many stories say that the queen never liked her daughter-in-law. Also, there are words around Prince Charles having an affair with Camilla despite being married to Princess Diana. There are plenty of fantasies revolving around the couple getting divorced and the queen demoting Camilla due to personal differences. In reality, the British royals face some issues similar to any normal family. The rumors are not false accusations and are in contrast with reality.

The Affair Between Ted Danson And Whoopi Goldberg’s 

There was a time when actors Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg were a thing. They met at an interview with the Chicago Tribune. The relationship took off from that point onwards. During that time Ted was married. He took a divorce from his current wife of about $30 million, which was huge. Their romance was very short. The couple broke apart within one and a half years. They separated their ways but continued to be friends. 


A lot of people enjoy reading spicy and crispy gossip. Be it Hollywood stars or royals from around the world. Such talks are liked by gossip readers. Do you like reading some dark secrets or following celebrities? Then the above are some interesting gossip for you. It is important to know that not all gossip is real. Some are just rumors or fictional stories. These mostly surface over the internet for the sole purpose of grabbing attention. They are some intriguing gossips that are popular nowadays. Many of them are verified while some are still a mystery.

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