Best Johnny Depp Films Of All Time

When it comes to the amazing actors who are well known for their roles playing wacky characters, the first name will be Johnny Depp. In fact, his characters such as Sweeney Todd, The Mad Hatter, and Captain Jack Sparrow brought him a massive success. However, he as an actor who chooses the roles wisely. In general, he picks the movies that he finds attractive. This is something that makes Johnny a great actor of all time. Besides, he literally gets into the characters that he is playing.

Best Johnny Depp Films Of All Time That Should Watch
Best Johnny Depp Films Of All Time That Should Watch

He has a very good relationship with Tim Burton, the famous movie director. However, he has worked with different movie directors in his career. Initially, he had a teen idol image. But later after his role as Edward Scissorhands, he gave up that idol image and start becoming the actor he is today. Now, let’s have a look into some of the best Johnny Depp movies of all time.

The First Best Movie Of Johnny Depp

One of the best films about Depp is Edward Scissorhands. Though it was not his first movie, but it gave him a huge success. Talking about the storyline of the movie, it was about Edward, or you can say a creation, which is taken by a family, named the Boggs. Then Edward falls in love with a teenage daughter named Kim. All the neighborhood women become impressed with Edward’s amazing cutting skill. However, after being framed for two criminal events by Kim’s boyfriend, he became an outcast. Well, among all the movies of Depp, this is a must-see for Depp fans.

Some Of The Most Famous Movies Of Johnny Depp

  • He did several films for Disney. The best one is The Pirates of the Caribbean. In the film, Depp plays the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. With the Black Pearl, Captain Sparrow teamed with a blacksmith named Will Turner. In detail, you can see him chasing Captain Barbossa who kidnapped the Governor’s daughter, Elizabeth Swan, the love of Will Smith.
Best Johnny Depp Films Of All Time That Should Watch
Best Johnny Depp Films Of All Time That Should Watch
  • Besides, another best movie is The Pirate of the Caribbean- Deadman’s Chest. Talking about the story, here, Captain Sparrow sets out to locate the Davey Jones’ heart to protect his soul. Besides, the movie is filled with a lot of actions. However, the exciting thing about the story is Sparrow doesn’t realize is just as Elizabeth and Will were about to get married. If you have not seen the movie yet, then give it a try. Moreover, this is the highest grossing of all Johnny Depp movies.
  • The third part of the film is At World’s End. Here all the crew of the Black Pearl sails to a different world to save Jack from the land of the dead.
  • The fourth part is Pirates of the Caribbean- On Stranger Tides. In detail, here you will see Jack and Captain Barbossa’s journey to locate the Fountain of Youth. However, later, the two find themselves up against the Blackbeard and his daughter. You will love to watch a movie.

So, go ahead and watch these best movies of Johnny Depp now.